2018 Lab

Directors Lab North’s 2018 Lab was held from June 18–24 in Toronto, Canada.

Lab Topics

Playwrights Project
with Brad Fraser

Musical Theatre
with Vincent de Tourdonnet

Indigenous Studies and Theatre
with Jill Carter

Artistic Direction
with Richard Rose

The Business of Theatre
with Jim Millan and Derrick Chua

Artistic Direction
with Dennis Garnhum

with Anne Cattanneo

Intimacy Direction
with Siobhan Richardson

Creators of “The Fever” with Highway 600
with Abigail Browde and Michael Silverstone

Creators of “Doctor Silver”
with Mitchell Cushman, Britta Johnson and Anika Johnson

Creator of Belarus Free Theatre
with Natalia Kaliada

Director of “bug”
with Cole Alvis

Lab Participants

Heather Marie Annis
Manolis Antonio
Erin Brandenburgh
Alix Harris
Ara Glen Johansen
Charlie Johnson
Kendra Jones
Mimi Kammer
Jamie King
Kevin Klassen
Conrad Kluck
Mika Laulainen
Anna Michael
Antonio Miniño
Elizabeth Newman
Catherine Paskell
Peter Pasyk
Anthony Simpson Pike
Bo Powell
Mandy Roveda
Isabella Stefanescu
Eric Taylor
Chadwick Taylor
Harrison Thomas
Julie Tomaino
Dawn Walton
Caroline Williams
Vici Wreford-Sinnott


Wade Bogert O’Brien, Dillan Chiblow and Allegra Fulton

Stage Manager

Daniel Bennett

Assistant Stage Manager

Gloria Mok

DLN is grateful to its supporters

A huge thanks to the Luminato Festival who not only supplied tickets for all the Labbies to 5 shows during the Festival but also access to the creators and artists in those show for sessions with us. Another huge thanks to the British Council who sponsored 6 UK Artistic Directors to attend the Lab as well. Also grateful to LMDA who offered us a day of sessions with them as well.